Privacy Policy of the Law Firm V. I. Partners

V.I.Partners has developed and used the site and other related Internet networks and resources (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) to provide consumers/users with information about their services, to attract new users, to disseminate useful legal information, to maintain their own content, to publish their own legal articles on topics significant for society and business, etc.

V.I.Partners takes care of the security and confidentiality of personal data of individuals (individuals, individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, further on the text “user”) who have left their data (by filling in the forms and/or have passed the registration procedure on this site, on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, In Linkedin and/or other Internet spaces / social pages / resources etc. that are used and/or will be used by V.I.Partners in the future.

V.I.Partners reports that the Law Association has one site, which contains information about all other related Internet networks and resources (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) that are used and/or may be used by V.I.Partners in the future. For the convenience of the user, further under the word “Site” is understood both the site and all other Internet networks and resources used by V.I.Partners.

By continuing the use of the site, in case of any information left on the site, having indicated an intention to order / order / purchase services on the site, each user confirms that he has read this Policy and expressed his full consent to the terms of such policy without any change or addition; What V.I.Partners has permission and consent from the user to primary/further processing of his personal data for the purpose determined by this policy.

During the registration on the site, the leaving of personal (any other) data on the site (through the form of feedback, through the form, through any other sources of sending / receiving information with the site application), during the use of the site, the user confirms that he has acquainted with the list of his rights as a data subject, according to Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “on Protection of Personal Data”. The list of rights as a data subject is available at the following link:

1. Personal information

1.1. When using the Site, filling in forms and/or registering on the Site, sending messages in any form via the Site Applications, we ask you to provide the necessary personal information in the form of a communication/other form that is necessary for your request/application and/or in the form of a feedback/other form, Which is filled in via the Site.

1.2. V.I.Partners information is available in the following ways:

      • During the registration procedure of the user on the site;
      • Within the framework of the organizational measures conducted by V.I.Partners (interviews, statements, feedback forms, etc.);
      • By means of entering the user’s records at filling in the online registration forms submitted / left by V.I.Partners in connection with the activity of the site;
      • During telephone communication (including, but not exclusively, CRM systems, etc.), correspondence via short message services (Messenger, Telegram and others) V.I.Partners with the user;
      • When you send V.I.Partners with users by e-mail (e-mail);
      • During V.I.Partners correspondence with users through electronic document management services (action, on time, others);
      • by any other non-regulated means.

1.3. The processing of personal data is carried out by V.I.Partners in the following ways: Processing of personal data using means of automation, processing of personal data without means of automation (not automated processing).

1.4. V.I.Partners’ personal data processing is not limited in the application of their processing methods.

1.5. By using the site, you agree to the processing of V.I.Partners the following personal data: Names, names, patronymic numbers, e-mail addresses, other information necessary for the site activity and providing the Korystuvych volume of services (information, etc.) for its application.

1.6. Processing of your personal data means the actions (operations) of V.I.Partners concerning personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, removal, refinement (update, change), use, De-identity, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, and any other actions with your personal data in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.7. The purpose of processing of personal data of users is the possibility of carrying out of actions (questioning, statements, forms of feedback) connected with activity of the site and / or with receiving of V.I.Partners services by users (including, but not exclusively for timely notification of important events or information concerning its request, etc.).

1.8. The deletion of the user’s personal data is made upon its application and/or upon the initiative of V.I.Partners and is the reason for termination of any relationship between V.I.Partners and the user.

2. Information protection

2.1. Any information received by V.I.Partners is confidential in the sense of this policy. In case the agreement on legal assistance is already signed between the user and V.I.Partners, such information is further protected by the Law of Ukraine “on Bar and Advocacy”. Confidential information can be recognized only information stored in the database of the site in an encrypted form and can be viewed only by V.I.Partners. Information left by the user in any open source (comment to Facebook post, etc.) is not considered confidential

2.2. V.I.Partners uses modern technologies to provide privacy of personal data and other data provided by users.

2.3. V.I.Partners takes all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. These include, but are not limited to, internal verification of data collection, storage, and processing processes and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

2.4. V.I.Partners strives to protect personal information, but warns about the possibility of adverse consequences of cyber-attacks and in case of force majeure, which does not depend on V.I.Partners and which V.I.Partners cannot influence. Thus, when a user places any information on the site, he understands the risks and agrees with them.

3. Use of information

3.1. V.I.Partners processes only the information that the user provides voluntarily.

3.2. V.I.Partners processes the personal information of the user for:

      • Holding of V.I.Partners various events related to its activity;
      • Assessment of the level of interest of users in V.I.Partners services and activities;
      • Assessment of user demand for different types of V.I.Partners services;
      • Improvement of content, function and convenience of the site;
      • Informing users about new services, events and other events and/or their updates;
      • On the other hand, V.I.Partners informs the user by asking for private information.

3.3. Contact information (e-mail and mobile phone number) we use for individual communication with the site users or for sending automatic mass mail messages to the user’s e-mail addresses, as well as correspondence via short message services (Messenger, Telegram, SMS, etc.).

3.4. Information collected about the user is not disclosed to any third party except for cases provided for by Ukrainian law.

3.5. V.I.Partners uses tracking technologies (cookies) to collect personal data such as browser type or operating system, link page, site path, Internet provider domain, etc. P. for general information about how users use the site. Cookies allow you to improve this Site in accordance with the requirements of its users.

3.6. V.I.Partners stores all information collected using cookies in a format that does not allow identification of a person. Information obtained through cookies cannot be opened by third parties.

4. Provision of information to third parties

4.1. V.I.Partners does everything on its own to give the customer access to his personal data and/or to correct them if they are not correct, or to remove them at the user’s request, unless their storage is required by law or for legitimate business purposes.

4.2. V.I.Partners does not provide information about the user to third parties in any way on the basis of the consent of the user or the relevant decision of the court.

5. Storage of received infrmation

5.1. The removal of personal data of the user is carried out by sending the application from the e-mail specified in the account at registration on the site to the e-mail: , if not stipulated by the terms of the agreement (in cases when between the user and V.I.Partners there is already concluded agreement on legal assistance and/or other agreement).

6. Making changes to the policy

6.1. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Any changes are introduced into the new wording of this policy. We recommend that you regularly review this policy to ensure that you are aware of the changes and the possible use of information.

6.2. If the changes are significant, users (or a particular category of users) will be informed by e-mail (sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration) or by means of a message on this site before the changes take effect. For policy-related questions, please contact .

7. Cookies

7.1. We use cookies on this site. Cookies are information that the site sends to the consumer’s hard drive to store information related to the site. This technology extends your Internet experience by keeping your priorities when browsing a particular site. Cookies do not contain personal information and cannot configure your system or read information from your hard drive in any way. When you view this site, we may place cookies on your computer. Such temporary cookies are used to calculate the number of visits to the Site. They are removed when you exit the browser. Persistent cookies may be stored on your computer by your browser. Cookies do not contain personal data and may be blocked at any time. Cookies do not receive personal information about you or provide us with your contact information, nor do they receive any information from your computer. Cookies provide support for security features and enable them to run. Cookies also allow you to monitor privacy violations by visitors or devices. Cookies help you assess the number and frequency of requests, and identify and block those visitors or devices that attempt to download information in bulk from the website. The “help” shortcut in most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to receive messages from a browser that you have received new cookies, or how to disable cookies.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this policy, you may send us a request or a message. Contact information on privacy issues: .